It was only this morning that I said that being Frankie’s mama has been a revelatory experience. It has changed me from the inside out, making me more patient, more kind, more passionate. It has helped me find my voice.

I love watching this transformation happen to other people, too. I get to see moms and dads who are just a wee bit behind us on this journey, come from a place of fear and insecurity and just blossom into the most incredible advocates. They are bringing their passions together in extraordinary ways that spread awareness and education and make the world a better place for our children.

Just recently Veronica Mateo, a mother of a little girl with DS, posted in one of the groups I belong to about her husband’s new business. Reynaldo Mateo was a professional baseball player for 8 years before he got injured and according to her his passion for the game is out of this world. The birth of their daughter Sofia in 2016 was a life changing event for him and the pride that he feels for her and the DS community is so palpable that he decided to name his company T21 Bats. He says he is proud to represent the DS community in everything he is involved with and now when people ask why T21, he has an opportunity to educate people on what DS is. I am so humbled by the way he is using his unique voice to shout the worth of people with Down syndrome and to educate a population that might not have given it a second thought.
So if you’re in the market for a beautiful, high quality wooden bat, please check out T21 Bats on Facebook. Awesome business and incredible people.