Sometimes I catch people staring at Frankie. I mean like REALLY staring. It used to make me super uncomfortable and offended. But lately I’ve got a new motto:

Let them stare.

Because honestly what is there to see? A beautiful little girl with golden hair and eyes like a starry sky. A funny, silly 3 year old with a sense of humor all her own and an irresistible laugh to match. A child full of wonder at the world around her and the determination of a bull.

Most of all they will see she is loved. It is not love that comes from pity or a place of disappointment or consolation. It is genuine love for HER, just as she is.

Undoubtedly they will see her almond shaped eyes and the flat bridge of her nose. They will see Down syndrome. And that’s totally okay. But I hope that the longer they stare the more they will understand that all of these things coexist. Down syndrome doesn’t steal away beauty or a vibrant personality. And it certainly does not mean she is not loved.

So, let them stare. Let them learn