A 2011 study of siblings of children with Down syndrome conducted by Childrens’ Hospital Boston found that:

96% had affection towards their sibling
94% were proud of their brother or sister
88% felt they were better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome

Last night after dinner, I interviewed Tristan about Down syndrome. Our conversation went something like this:

ME: When you look at other kids Frankie’s age, what differences do you see?

HIM: You mean other babies? Nothing. Except maybe she doesn’t talk as much as other babies, I think. But really, can they say TA-CO like her??

ME: If you could change something about her, what would it be?

HIM: About this little girl? Nothing. She’s my perfect little sissy.

ME: How much do you love her?

HIM: The most! You and Daddy and her.

ME: How do you think our life has changed since Frankie was born?

HIM: Well, the easiness factor has probably gone down – for YOU, because well, you know she cries and stuff like that. But the happiness factor has gone way up!