“She Downs?…Well, seems like she can get on almost like normal.” This from a dad at the soccer field a couple of weeks ago. I could only laugh nervously and say “Yes, she has Down syndrome ” and “Yeah she does well.” Imagine for a second that someone expressed surprise – to your face – that your child was almost normal…! Part of me is just proud of myself that I didn’t totally lose my shit on him. But I’m also disappointed that I was so taken aback that I missed an opportunity to properly advocate for my girl.

If I had my wits about me this is what I would’ve told him: “She is not Downs or even Down syndrome. She has Down syndrome. She is so much more than just her diagnosis. And she is not normal she is EXTRAORDINARY and I bet she blows your definition of normal right out of the water.” But I’m not too worried I didn’t say that because Frankie will show him soon enough ❤