I’ve said before that when Frankie was born all of my dreams of the perfect little girl crumbled. It was a silly notion anyway but nothing I was feeling was measured or sensical in those early days.

Flash forward to yesterday when we had to spend a full 15 minutes in the girls toy aisle at Target. She grabbed that little princess case and made a bee line for the register the same way Tristan did with a set of construction vehicles when he was a similar age.

As much as I enjoy it, I’m not actually reveling in her girlyness. It’s just that I’m surprised and impressed at how well she knows her own mind. I think I was worried that DS meant a life of complacency or apathy. Our house was covered in cars and trains when she was born (before Minecraft insanity set in, obvs) and yet from the beginning she has chosen dolls and ballet and princesses. Point being – this girl has known what she wants from the beginning.

Now I have no doubt that her future will be filled with wants and desires and aspirations that extend beyond the Target toy aisle. And I can’t wait to watch her achieve them.