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Life with Down Syndrome

A Love Story

It’s taken me much longer than I thought to decide to write about our experiences with Frankie’s diagnosis of Down syndrome. It surprised me – writing is usually my go-to form of expression, but there was something about putting it all out there that kept stopping me.  Ultimately, I think the reason was that I didn’t want my little girl to ever know that I felt anything but utter joy at her arrival.  I knew it would take time to work through the fear and to unravel the tangle of emotions and I couldn’t bear the thought of her one day stumbling across my untempered thoughts.

But I realize now – at nearly a year in – that that’s not what this story is about.  It’s not about overcoming hurdles and struggles.  It’s a love story.  One that started differently than I had expected, but has blossomed into something so much greater.


Our girl was not what we had expected and, at the time, that felt devastating. But I understand now that no child is ever what you truly expect or without his or her challenges. And truthfully, she’s so much more than I ever could have imagined!

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One Beautiful Year


  1. Terri Leyton

    I’m so very happy that you put it out there. And I’m still here if you ever just want to talk.

  2. Thank you for telling your story. As a first time grandmother, when my ‘dolly’ was born in 2005, I cried for my daughter. She had done ‘everything right’. College first, marriage and then a baby at 31. We had watched her cousins do drugs, alcohol and children (happy, healthy children) before marriage. So the ‘why her’s ?’ Set in (for me). Today she will tell you ‘I am Grammy’s heart’. We don’t know until we know. And I believe it helps everyone else grow in love when we tell our stories. THANK YOU!!!

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