Eyes Like Sapphires

Life with Down Syndrome

How do I love her…

Sometimes when we’re out walking I see people look at Frankie “in that way.” They look down at her, up to my face and back down to her. Their smiles are tight. Without teeth. Patronizing and full of pity.

I wonder what they’re thinking? Why do they feel so bad for us?

Because she’s not very cute? Um, that’s a negative…

Because she’s not very smart? They haven’t seen her stack cups, do a puzzle or fake cry to get her way.

Because she’s different from other children? Because we might love her a little less? Well…

You know how there’s that spot where their jaw meets their neck, right under the ear, that you kiss over and over just to hear them giggle?

We do that, too.

You know how at the end of the day, you sit and share with your spouse all of the cute, smart, funny things your child did today?

We do that, too.

You know when your kid says or does something that you really should reprimand them for but you have to hide your smirk and turn away so you don’t burst into laughter?

We do that, too.

You know when you watch your child being showered with love by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends and you feel like your heart might burst?

We do that, too.

You know when you lay awake in the middle of the night stressing about your child’s future – school, doctors appointments, job opportunities, will they ever find love?

We do that, too.

You know how you cheer like crazy when your child achieves and kiss away their tears when they fall?

We do that, too.

You know when you peek in on your child when they’re asleep and marvel at the sheer beauty that you and your partner created?

We do that, too.

You know how you love your child so deep within your being that the feeling is actually physical. Palpable. Tangible.

We do too.

This is what we mean when we say “More alike than different”…

Happy World Down Syndrome Day



She’s on her way!


Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Day 1

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  1. Cathy

    What can I say when you said it all so well?

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