While I definitely do see Down Syndrome Awareness Month as a great opportunity to educate my friends, family and community about DS, it’s also a great opportunity for me to learn! Today I was reading a post over on @rubysrainbow on Instagram and I came across this quote from @aliciagraf90 about her teenage daughter Kirsta:

“All of Kirsta’s life we invited kids in to our world. We invited them over for birthday parties and church stuff, Young Life and cast parties…any time we could. So I think because we included them all along the way in our journey. They naturally included her. Inclusion goes both ways.”

WOW…how true is that? Inclusion does go both ways! I like to think we do this quite naturally. This picture is from a playdate we had for Frankie’s 1st birthday. She is literally surrounded by her peers, and now 18 months later they ask for her, want to go to her house, want to be her partner in ballet… I hope with all my heart it will always continue, but this quote made me realize the part I have to play in inclusion too.